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Search for parcels by entering a value for one of the following criteria
  • A STRAP Number is a 17 digit parcel identifier in the form of Section-Tier-Range-Area-Block.Lot. You should find one on any official correspondence such as a TRIM Notice or Tax Bill. (ex. 13-44-24-P3-00010.0000)
  • The Folio ID is an 8 digit unique parcel identifier used by the Property Appraiser's Office in addition to the STRAP. It can often be found on correspondence from our office. (ex. 10161861)
  • Either the Folio ID or the STRAP can be used to search for real property.
  • Names are recorded as they are written on deeds and other legal documents. Example: WILKINSON KEN
  • The minimum search criteria is a last name OR an address.
  • For street addresses use standard suffix abbreviations (ST, LN, BLVD, TER, AVE, DR, etc).
  • For broader search results, try using a partial number, street name, or both. For example, searching for “24 THOMP” will find any addresses where the number begins with “24” and the street name begins with “THOMP”.
  • For more narrow search results, use complete search terms and use combinations of fields. For example, “SMITH” in the Name field and 33901 in the Postal Code field will return all parcels found in the ZIP Code 33901 whose name begins with SMITH.
  • Notice that the Country field is only available when searching by Owner Info.
The legal description as stored by the Property Appraiser, not neccessarily the recorded legal description on file with the Clerk of Courts. This can be useful in looking for subdivision names, lot and block, etc.
(ex. PARL IN SW 1/4 OF SW1/4 OF SE1/4 + VACATED R/W DESC OR2202-2427 LES RW2347/772)
[Land, Features and Building (including Photo and/or Floorplan if available) or Condominium details]

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