General Website Notes

The LEE PA Website is designed for display settings of 1024 x 768 and greater. Less than 4% of our visitors have lower screen resolution settings. Our site will work on lower horizontal resolution settings, but the user will need to scroll side-to-side to see all of the content.

  • We test primarily on the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.
  • We test current versions of Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Google Chrome as well as Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) version 11.

Note: Our Website is not written with any particular browser in mind. While we cannot officially test all browser and operating system combinations, our site is designed in a manner that should allow any standards-compliant browser to be used.

Microsoft Windows Users: Our site works best in current versions of Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Google Chrome. If you are using IE, you may need to disable the “Compatibility View” feature of your browser. If you are using early versions of IE (8 or below), you may experience some formatting issues.

Mobile Browser Users: While our site is not specifically designed with mobile browsers in mind, much of the content is available and usable on mobile browsers. Please note that mobile browsers may not support all features of our site.

Some user statistics:

  • Chrome and Safari represent 82% of our site traffic.
  • Windows 10 and 11 users account for over 98% of our Windows traffic.
  • Windows users represent 54% of our visitors.
  • 32% of our visitors are using a smartphone or tablet.

For additional information or help with our website please contact

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