Important Dates in GIS Department

Every year the GIS Department suspends the processing of parcel boundary changes while the office compiles property tax roll data. For planning purposes, the suspension dates may include up to two (2) weeks in advance of the following periods: June 1, July 1, August 1, and mid-October. When possible we will reduce the duration of these suspension periods. Please contact our office if a project/development schedule will be adversely affected, and we will make accommodations if possible.

Parcel boundary changes are most commonly caused by Recorded Subdivisions, Declaration of Condominiums, Termination of Condominiums, Right-of-Way takings or vacations, and Deeds conveying only a portion of a parcel. In addition, parcel boundary changes may be initiated by property owners submitting Combination or Split applications.

For Instruments recorded during these periods, we will make our best effort to work them before the suspension dates, depending on complexity of the plat, split or combination. To ensure our staff can process these requests in a timely manner, GIS Staff must possess all required documentation by the date shown. This may include:

  • Recorded document with Instrument number
  • AutoCAD file for plats
  • Signed Combination or Split application
  • Documented jurisdictional approval
  • Proof of taxes paid for each parent parcel
  • No open Value Adjustment Board (VAB) petition on any parent parcel

Commonly affected recording Subdivision Plat Recordings:

  • Subdivisions
  • Declaration of Condominiums
  • Termination of Condominiums

...and Splits / Combinations:

  • Combination or Split applications
  • Right-of-Way takings or vacations
  • Deeds conveying only a portion of a parcel

NOTE: These suspension dates DO NOT apply to deeds that convey a parcel as-is (e.g. sales transaction) – these will continue to be processed as they are received by our office.

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