Important Dates to Remember

January 1st
Date of assessment (lien date).
April 1st

Filing deadline for Tangible Personal Property Tax Returns (DR-405) with no penalty applied.

Lee County no longer requires written requests for extensions to filing Tangible Personal Property Tax Returns (DR-405) by April 1. Extensions are automatically granted to May 15, or the next business day thereafter. Late-filing penalties commence on the following day.

Return of Pollution Control Devices (DR-492) must be received each year with the DR-405.

(see Tangible Forms and Filing for the required forms)
May 15th

DR-405 filing deadline for tangible personal property accounts with automatic extensions.

Late-filing penalties will begin to accrue on the following business day.

Assessment and Proposed tax (TRIM) notices mailed.
Value Adjustment Board (VAB) petition filing deadline.

(see VAB Procedures and Online Filing Information)

Tax bills sent out by Tax Collector's Office.

(* exact date varies on a year-to-year basis)

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