Change Mailing Address


If you change the PERMANENT mailing address of your homestead property from the actual site address to an address other than a P.O. Box or to "care of" another individual and mailing address, THE HOMESTEAD EXEMPTION WILL BE REMOVED FROM THIS PROPERTY AND YOU WILL HAVE TO APPLY FOR HOMESTEAD EXEMPTION ON YOUR NEW PERMANENT RESIDENCE. If this is only a temporary change, you MUST indicate that in the Address Change Type box.

Any changes to "Owner's Name", other than spelling corrections, cannot be requested online.

To change the address for multiple parcels, log in to your account. There you can select any of the parcels associated with your account and change the address.

Address changes are effective for the current tax roll but may not affect outstanding taxes. To ensure all taxes on your account(s) are paid, please contact the Lee County Tax Collector at or (239) 533-6000.

In mid-August you will receive your Notice of Proposed Property Taxes (TRIM Notice) in the mail. Please carefully review the Notice and contact us if you have any questions.

To change your mailing address you will first need to identify the parcel.

Select Continue and you will be re-directed to the Real Property Search page. Once you find your property, select Change Address in the Detail Links section of the search results to enter the new information.

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