Click here to report damage to properties affected by Hurricane Ian.

Your Tax Roll Value Letter is now available for single family residences and mobile/manufactured homes.

Use the Quick Search below to find your parcel, and select Parcel Details from the links on the search results page. From the Property Data page, create the Letter using the link in the Current Working Values section.
Please Note: Some properties will not have a Tax Roll Value Letter. For more information, please see the question: “Why doesn’t this parcel have a Tax Roll Value Letter" in our FAQs.

Agriculture Application Status

Each year the property appraiser’s office is required to have available the list of all applications received along with certain data about those applications. The file below is meant to comply with this requirement. For more information please see the Florida Statute 193.461.

If you have further questions about the list, please e-mail or call (239) 533-6162.

2022 Agricultural Application Status

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