Click here to report damage and/or apply for a prorated refund of property taxes for residential dwellings rendered uninhabitable by Hurricane Ian.

Your Tax Roll Value Letter is now available for single family residences and mobile/manufactured homes.

Use the Quick Search below to find your parcel, and select Parcel Details from the links on the search results page. From the Property Data page, create the Letter using the link in the Current Working Values section.
Please Note: Some properties will not have a Tax Roll Value Letter. For more information, please see the question: “Why doesn’t this parcel have a Tax Roll Value Letter" in our FAQs.

The 2017 storms and flooding brought widespread damage to Lee County. The property appraiser’s office recognized the damage that was reported to us and adjusted values accordingly. Below you’ll find our original response and information regarding the storm. While most of the local storm response has been completed, we are aware that some of you may still have issues. If you still have damage or have questions about our hurricane response please contact us.

2017 Storm and Flooding Information

2017 brought Hurricane Irma and flooding to Lee County. Your property appraiser’s office is currently preparing values for the 2018 Final Tax Roll and we want to make sure we have taken any remaining property damage related to those events into consideration. Review the information below and contact us if needed. Additionally, if you were unable to live in your home for 30 or more days during 2017 you may be entitled to a property tax refund. Please review the information below for eligibility.

Once you’ve reviewed the information, if your property was damaged or you believe you are eligible for the property tax refund and you have not yet made our office aware of it, please email us at, call our office at (239) 533-6100 or fax your information to (239) 533-6160. We appreciate your assistance. Be sure to check here frequently for updated information.

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    • The Hurricane Tax Abatement – What you need to know!

      During 2018, the Florida Legislature passed tax relief for certain homeowners who had property damaged in the last three hurricanes to hit Florida (Hermine and Matthew in 2016; Irma in 2017) (F. S. 197.318).

      Who and What:
      You may be entitled to a tax abatement (refund) if your house was damaged in one of the recent hurricanes and you were unable to live in your homestead residence for 30 or more days. Renters/rental property is not eligible for the tax refund.

      Here's what YOU need to do:
      If you were unable to live in your home for 30 or more days during 2017 due to the storms and flooding, fill out form DR-463. Send it to our office along with your documented loss. Documents include: utility bills, insurance information, contractor’s work, building permits, certificates of occupancy, rent payments, hotel bills etc. -- basically any information that allows us to determine that you were unable to occupy and use your home for 30 or more days. NOTE: the days DO NOT need to be consecutive.

      Here's what WE will do:
      We’ll look at your documentation to make sure that you qualify. If you qualify we’ll calculate your loss in value and send it to the Lee County Tax Collector ( The Tax Collector will then figure out if you get a refund and how much (they have to check what you paid and when before they can determine if you get money back).

      You MUST apply by March 1, 2019. DO NOT DELAY. If your application is not in our office by March 1, 2019, we CANNOT consider it. We will review all applications and make determinations by March 31, 2019. Once we make our determination, we will notify you by mail of our decision. If you don’t qualify and you think you should, you can appeal our decision to the Value Adjustment Board.

      Contact us via email to Call us at (239) 533-6100. Fax us at (239) 533-6160.

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