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Your Tax Roll Value Letter is now available for single family residences and mobile/manufactured homes.

Use the Quick Search below to find your parcel, and select Parcel Details from the links on the search results page. From the Property Data page, create the Letter using the link in the Current Working Values section.
Please Note: Some properties will not have a Tax Roll Value Letter. For more information, please see the question: “Why doesn’t this parcel have a Tax Roll Value Letter" in our FAQs.

General Information

Red Tide, Blue-Green Algae and the Potential Impact on Commercial Property Value - 10/19

There have been questions posed to our office over the past year regarding how red tide and blue-green algae occurrences during 2018 are going to impact the 2019 commercial property values in Lee County. As we prepare to begin work on the 2019 tax roll, we will be taking into consideration the adverse impact that your commercial property may have experienced during 2018 due to the effects of red tide and blue-green algae blooms.

One of the best methods for us to determine how these occurrences have impacted the value of commercial property within Lee County is through your participation in providing us data. By submitting the enclosed 2019 Income & Expense Survey as soon as you are able, you and others are providing important information needed for our analysis and are assisting us in our effort to recognize and accurately reflect any market impact these events had on value. As to your individual parcel, if you feel your circumstances are unique, please consider providing us with both your 2017 and your 2018 income information. This will allow us to look at your individual parcel and compare it to the market and determine whether or not your property is performing inline with the market.

As always, the goal of our office is to provide fair and equitable assessments for your property; please assist us in making sure that we are able to accurately reflect any impact the red tide and blue-green algae blooms may have on the value of your commercial property.

Here is a helpful website as we move forward.

Red Tide and Blue-Green Algae - 12/18

2018 brought Lee County in influx of red tide and blue-green algae not experienced in many years. For those of you that reported to us that it impacted your business or your property value, we reviewed your information and made adjustments where necessary. We are aware that some of you may still have unreported issues and encourage you to provide us information and contact us with questions.

Hurricane Irma - 09/17

The 2017 storms and flooding brought widespread damage to Lee County. The property appraiser’s office recognized the damage that was reported to us and adjusted values accordingly. See our original response and information regarding the storm. While most of the local storm response has been completed, we are aware that some of you may still have issues. If you still have damage or have questions about our hurricane response please contact us.

Bees and Apiaries - 12/14

New information regarding bees, apiaries, and the agricultural classification has been added to the Agriculture Department section of the site.

Village of Estero - 12/14

The incorporation of the Village of Estero has created a need to change the STRAP parcel identification number for the affected parcels. In order to make this transition as painless as possible, when searching for a parcel in the Village either the existing STRAP or the new STRAP can be used. If the current STRAP is used after the parcels have been renumbered, a message will be displayed that the STRAP has changed and you will be taken to the correct parcel detail page, showing the new STRAP.

The new STRAPs will be in effect starting January 1, 2015

New Mobile Site and GeoView Map and Aerial Photography Viewer - 12/14

When accessing this web site on your mobile phone, tablet, or other smaller screen equipped device the new mobile friendly version of the site will automatically load. The mobile home page shows the most popular features of the site and a number of other pages have been reformatted to be more useful on a smaller screen.

The full version of the site can always be accessed from the bottom of the mobile page.

In addition, the GeoView Map and Aerial Photography Viewer can now be used on mobile browsers. Since no Silverlight plug-in is required we can now support many more browsers and devices.

NOTE: These new versions are a beta release, tested on a limited number of devices. Please contact the Help Desk for assistance or with any issues you come across while using these new features. If you encounter issues with the mobile versions the full site is always available on any device.

GeoView Map and Aerial Photography Viewer Changes - 01/14

Geoview now has an updated base map as well as new layers showing additional data.

  • The way roads and road names are represented has been changed to make them easier to see and read.
  • Turning off the aerial imagery (photography) automatically turns on the county base map.
  • Parks, building footprints, hospitals, libraries, and schools are now represented on the map.
  • The names of islands and bodies of water have been added.

Oblique Aerial Imagery Viewer, Now With Parcel Lines - 06/13

Pictometry Aerial Viewer has been updated to display GIS parcel lines. Simply click the Display Parcels check box and parcels will be highlighted with yellow lines.

New Oblique Aerial Imagery Viewer - 01/13

We have updated the Pictometry Aerial Viewer with a new, more interactive application. The new viewer can be loaded either from the Parcel Detail page or from GeoView once a parcel is selected. Unlike the previous application that only displayed static images, this new viewer allows the user to move from area to area, zoom in and out, and change display angles using familiar mouse controls.

Send Us Photos of Your House! - 12/12

Don’t like the photo of your house? Want new photos on our website?

If you would like a different photo of your property displayed on our Web site or have something about your property you want to share with us, you can now upload photos to our office.

To upload a photo, use the Upload Your Photos link that is found in the Taxpayer Services menu. If you do not have an account on our site, you will need to create one and associate your parcels with that account before uploading.

A few Pointers:
  • Make sure your photo doesn’t show anything you would not want to share on our site. For example, vehicle license plates and pictures of people should not be included.
  • Make sure the photo you upload is in the .JPG format.
  • Include a note in the comments if there is something specific you are alerting us to.
  • Try to get the entire structure framed within the photo.

Note: We reserve the right to either use or not use your photo and to edit it as necessary for display purposes. The photos you upload will become part of the public record associated with your parcel.

New Real Property Search Features - 06/12

In addition to searching for parcels by site address, Real Property Search now includes the option of searching by owner address. By selecting the correct option parcels that match either the site address, the owner’s address, or both will be displayed.

Changes to reporting - 05/12

Our online reports have been enhanced with additional data filters, better export capabilities, and faster operation. Reports have been consolidated into a single menu item named Reporting Tools in the Reports section.

The Parcel List Generator has been broken out into two reports – The Parcel List Generator and the Sales List Generator. The Parcel List does not contain sales information, but performs much better on large searches. Both reports now feature more detailed search criteria and the Export to CSV function creates a flat delimited file that can be easily imported to other systems or used for creating form letters or mailing labels using applications such as Microsoft Word.

The Pool Owners report has been discontinued since the Parcel List generator now includes a Pool parameter.

Property Data Page Details - 08/11

You can now find the complete cost approach breakdown in addition to the traditional sales approach to value on the Property Data page. The icon to display this value breakdown can be found next to the Property Values heading. The information displayed is best printed on legal (8.5” x 14”) paper, but will scale to any size.

Property Data Page Details - 08/11

We are changing our website to better reflect how we set values and provide you with additional information. In the near future, you will be able to see a complete cost approach breakdown in addition to the traditional sales approach to value. The cost approach breaks out all of the parts and pieces on your parcel and the cost value attached to each piece. You’ll be able to find the new information as part of our Appraisal Details page. Look for it starting with the Notice of Proposed Property Tax (TRIM) mailing around August 19th, 2011.

Aerial Viewer Discontinued - 06/11

The Aerial Viewer application will be taken off-line on June 15, 2011, and is replaced by the GeoView Map and Aerial Photography Viewer. Geoview gives you access to our many years of aerial imagery as well as many new features and capabilities. Unlike the Aerial Viewer, GeoView provides broad cross-browser functionality without the need for multiple plug-ins. If you do not already have Microsoft Silverlight installed, GeoView will walk you through the installation the first time it is launched.

New Real Property Search Options - 11/10

We have combined the Real Property Search and Real Property Browse into a single, new Real Property Search. The search results page can now be used to either view the results of your search, or to sort and view our parcel data by Address, Owner, or STRAP. Be sure to carefully read the new instructions found on the Parcel Search and search results pages.

GeoView Goes Live! - 11/10

The GeoView Map and Aerial Photography Viewer is now officially released, and will be replacing the Web-based GIS beginning January 1, 2011. Any new data or map features we make available will be solely through GeoView.

Re-Designed Parcel Detail Page - 06/10

The Parcel Detail page now loads more quickly, thanks to some streamlined software and a new page layout. Additional data in the form of multiple year/multiple building photos and more detailed value information is also available.

A new printer friendly mode has been added, formatted to fit correctly on standard paper sizes.

GeoView Map and Aerial Photography Viewer - 02/10

Combining features from the Web-Based GIS and the Aerial Viewer, GeoView is your one place to view our many years of aerial photography and access our map and parcel information. New features include the ability to add your own text and other mark-up to the map, measure distances and areas, and view data such as zoning, sales information, and much more.

Note: The first time you use GeoView you may be asked to download Silverlight from Microsoft. This is normal and is required to use this product.

Reporting - 01/10

We have made some important changes and enhancements to a number of the reports on our site.

The individual Sales reports have been removed and that functionality has been rolled up into an enhanced Parcel List Generator. Available from both the Property Data Search page and the Online Reports page, the Parcel List Generator allows you to fine tune a parcel search by such criteria as sales prices and dates, numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms, owner information, and more. In addition, the report results are now more consistent and allow for exporting to a number of popular data formats such as CSV and Excel.

Note: The current online reporting works best when viewed with Internet Explorer. Other browsers may experience a variety of issues when displaying the results. We are working to resolve these issues. The export feature works properly with all browsers.

Sales Verifiers - 01/10

The sale of a property is the single most important piece of information we have to assist us in appraising property. It is very important that we know as many details as possible about the transaction.

When a sale occurs, our office sends a Sale Verifier document to the buyer in order to collect this information. We have now added an online version to make it more convenient for you to tell us about your transaction.

First, use the Database Search to locate the parcel. Select the correct parcel, and on the Property Details page find the sale in the Sales/Transaction section. Click on the Add link in the Verifier column and follow the on-screen instruction. You will be asked to either log in or create an account before entering your information.

User Accounts - 01/10

Some functions of our website, such as address changes and sales information verification, require us to collect some data about the person submitting the information. We have added a new user account system to make it easier for you to do business with us. Instead of collecting your information each time a request is made, a one-time account creation process will give you access to those functions.

By giving us your name, telephone number, and e-mail address you make it easier for us to contact you if we have any questions about your submitted information.

In the near future we will be adding features that will allow you to add parcels you own to your account and expand on opportunities for doing business with our office online.

Website Re-Design - 01/10

You may have noticed that the Lee County Property Appraiser’s Website has a new look. Don’t worry – the features and information you are used to seeing are all still here, and are accessed in much the same way as before. We have consolidated some menu items to reduce duplication and to group features together in ways that make more sense. This much needed re-design makes it easier for us to bring you new features and services.

We have tried to make any shortcuts or bookmarks you may have created to specific pages on our site work as before. However, this was not possible for every page on our site so you may need to create new bookmarks and shortcuts for frequently visited pages.

Can’t find something you need? Try the Search feature at the top of the page. If you still need help, you can contact our Help Desk via e-mail at or by phone at (239) 533-6194.

Chinese (Toxic) Drywall - 01/10
Information about identifying and reporting the presence of Chinese Drywall can be found at Chinese Drywall Information and Survey.
Pictometry Aerial Photography Viewer - 06/11
The subscription-based Pictometry viewer has been replaced with a New Application that displays both oblique and ortho views from all the years of photography we have on file.
Foreclosure Summary Information - 11/10
Monthly summaries of Lee County foreclosure activity are available on our Frequently Asked Questions page.
Online Homestead Exemption Filing - 11/09
File for your Homestead Exemption using our Online filing system.
Enhanced Aerial Viewer Support
We have added support for more operating systems and Web browsers to access the Aerial Viewer. Note that not all features are available with all Web browsers. See our Browser Troubleshooting Notes for more information.
Aerial Photography on Web-Based GIS - 11/09
Aerial photographs are now available in the Web-Based GIS. This allows you to combine maps, parcels, and other features with our many years of Lee County aerial photography.
Reporting Services and Tax Roll Files - 11/09
Our new Online Reports Service offers flexible reporting and data export options when accessing Property Appraiser Data.

The Lee County Tax Rolls page contains Real Estate and Tangible tax roll data files as well as other Lee County and Florida Department of Revenue data files.

For additional information or help with our website please contact
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