Parcel List Generator Report

The parcel list generator allows you to build a list of parcels based on one or more property attributes and ranges of values for those attributes. The list is built starting with a classification then driven by ranges of values. You may then view details of each individual parcel in the resulting list. Clicking on the STRAP link will take you from the report to the parcel display page.

The Information on these reports are up to date as of the date on the specific report itself. The data may be 4-6 weeks behind because of the time between the filing date at the Clerk Of Courts and when it is keyed at the Property Appraiser's office.

Note: Depending on the amount of data requested, this report may take a few minutes to generate.

Required Parameters

or a ZIP code

Department of Revenue (DOR) Property Classification Codes

Optional Parameters

For each attribute, enter a value or range of values for generating the parcel list. For attributes that accept ranges, entering either a minimum or maximum value will select all parcels greater or less than that value, respectively. (Example: entering 3 for the minimum number of bedrooms will match all parcels with at-least-3-bedroom structures.


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