Hurricane Ian Relief

To ensure your eligibility for any available Hurricane Ian relief, tell us about your property damage by using this hurricane reporting link. You can also directly upload photos and other information here.

Your Tax Roll Value Letter is now available for single family residences and mobile/manufactured homes.

Use the Quick Search below to find your parcel, and select Parcel Details from the links on the search results page. From the Property Data page, create the Letter using the link in the Current Working Values section.
Please Note: Some properties will not have a Tax Roll Value Letter. For more information, please see the question: “Why doesn’t this parcel have a Tax Roll Value Letter" in our FAQs.

Structural Element Codes

Exterior Wall Construction Heating Fuel
Interior Wall Construction Heating Type
Interior Flooring Air Conditioning Type
Roofing Structure Commercial Element Codes
Roofing Cover

Exterior Wall Construction

1 Minimum 16 Tile or Wood Frame Stucco
2 Composition or Wall Board 17 CB Stucco
3 Below Average 18 Cement Brick
4 Single Siding or Wood Frame/No Shingle 19 Common Brick
5 Average 20 Face Brick
6 Board or Batten (Average) 21 Stone
7 Asbestos Shingle 22 Pre-cast Panel
8 Wood on Sheathing or Plywood 23 Reinforced Concrete
9 Corrugated Asbestos (Wood Frame) 24 Corrugated Metal
10 Above Average 25 Metal Panel
11 Board and Batten (Above Average) 26 Aluminum Siding
12 Cedar or Redwood Siding 27 Pre-Finished Metal
13 Prefab Wood Panel 28 Glass Thermopane
14 Wood Shingle 29 None
15 Concrete or Cinder Block

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Interior Wall Construction

1 Masonry or Minimum 5 Drywall
2 Wall Board or Wood Wall 6 Wood Panel or Custom
3 Plaster 7 None
4 Plywood Panel 8 Decorative Wall Cover

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Interior Flooring

1 None 11 Ceramic Clay Tile
2 Minimum Plywood, Linoleum 12 Hardwood
3 Concrete Finished 13 Parquet
4 Concrete Above Grade 14 Carpet
5 Asphalt Tile 15 Quarry or Hard Tile
6 Vinyl Asbestos 16 Terrazzo Epoxy Strip
7 Cork or Vinyl Tile 17 Pre-cast Concrete
8 Sheet Vinyl 18 Slate
9 Pine or Soft Woods 19 Marble
10 Terrazzo Monolithic    

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Roofing Structure

1 Flat 8 Irregular
2 Shed 9 Rigid Frame with Bar Joist
3 Gable or Hip 10 Steel Frame or Truss
4 Wood Truss 11 Bowstring Truss
5 Saw-tooth 12 Reinforced Concrete
6 Mansard 13 Pre-stress Concrete
7 Gambrel    

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Roofing Cover

1 Minimum Roofing (Corrugated or Sheet Metal) 7 Concrete Tile
2 Rolled Composition 8 Clay or Bermuda Tile
3 Asphalt or Composition Shingle 9 Cedar Shake
4 Built-up Tar & Gravel 10 Wood Shingle
5 Corrugated Asbestos 11 Slate
6 Asbestos Shingle 12 Metal Panel

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Heating Fuel

1 None 4 Electric
2 Oil 5 Solar
3 Gas

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Heating Type

1 None 7 Radiant Electric
2 Convection 8 Radiant Water
3 Forced Air - Not Ducted 9 E. S. Forced Air
4 Forced Air - Ducted 10 E. S. Hot Water
5 Hot Water 11 E. S. Steam
6 Steam 12 E. S. Radiant

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Air Conditioning Type

1 None 5 Chilled Water
2 Window Unit 6 E. S. Central
3 Central 7 E. S. Package
4 Packaged Roof Top 8 E. S. Split

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Commercial Element Codes and Descriptions

Commercial Heat and Air

0 None
1 Heat and Air Packaged
2 Heat and Air Split

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Commercial Structural Frame

1 None 5 Steel
2 Wood Frame 6 Fireproof Steel
3 Masonry 7 Special
4 Reinforced Concrete

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